Thursday, May 23, 2013

Put a tire on the wheel!


michelmiro ( youtube ) said...

talk about my discoveries please and look others vidéos:

michelmiro said...

Mars Curiosity Rover électrical machine:

Mars Curiosity Rover new evidences: 3 small humanoïds working ... :

Mars Curiosity Rover new evidences: Petrified motor and fish ... :

Mars Curiosity Rover new evidences: Gold, statue head, skull ... :

Mars Curiosity Rover new evidences : Books, skulls, mini humanoïds :

Admin said...

Hello michelmiro, I set your YT channel up on the right under "videos". Will watch them later when I have time. I have a cancer illness in my family that is taking up a lot of my time right now. Thanks for bringing your work to my attention. Can't have enough people looking at these Mars images to figure out just what they are hiding.

doug ohboy said...

its a pump, see the pipe sticking out the front with support flanges each side

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